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Our Commitment

A wide shot of a New Zealand lake, ringed by trees, with a mountain in the background

Since our establishment in 1994, Great Kiwi Yarns has always been driven by our vision for the future. Every decision we make, every route our business takes, we are always supported by the foundation of our values.

If you ask someone to picture New Zealand, the very first thing you imagine is the rolling green pastures of Aotearoa’s countryside, sunlight dappling the ground as flocks of sheep graze, and mountains lining the distant horizon. We’re proud of the vision our country inspires. We want to keep it as beautiful and serene as it has always been, and this is where our values grow from. If you’re here, then it’s most likely where your values grow from too.

Our Values

Genuine, Award-Winning Kiwi Designers

Our vision is to support the growth of New Zealand’s fashion, farming, and retail industries through our luxury knitwear. Not only that, we are determined to bring heritage garments to the fore, eschewing fast fashion in favour of high-quality, premium craftsmanship. Every material we use is sustainably sourced from local farmers, and our garments are always designed to exhibit the full beauty of our natural fibres.

We are proud to have one of our most talented suppliers as the first fashion company in the world to be recognised by the United Nations for sustainability.

We are thankful to our customers, both local and international, as they are the ones enabling us to continue our journey of sustainable fashion. Not only that, they allow us to connect with people who share our values daily, and that inspires us to keep going.

Discover our collections of ethically made, locally sourced luxury knitwear.

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