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Cashmere New Zealand

Cashmere NZ

Cashmere is one of the most precious and luxurious fibres in the world. It owns delicate softness and incredible warmth. The resistant fibres are spun into lightweight fabrics.

Cashmere is hair, not wool, removed with a comb from under the goat's chin. This means it is a hollow fibre that traps warm air inside, making cashmere one of the warmest fibres. It is a very precious fibre and in limited supply.

Its origin comes from Central Asia, particularly Mongolia, where the goats live in a cold atmosphere. However, NZ breeders have developed one of the best quality hair in the world. When it is stretched or folded, it retains its original shape and does not create wrinkles.

Some local brands have developed the most luxurious type of yarn, blending cashmere hair with possum fur. The result is incredible softness, warmth, and no pilling.

You cannot ask more for a piece of knitwear like this! Discover our Cashmere scarves.