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Alpaca Wool NZ

Alpaca Wool NZ


Alpaca is an animal that is a type of camel. Soft and beautiful, Alpaca fibre is one of the most luxurious fibres in the world.

Its most remarkable quality is its softness. This is because it has fewer scales on each fibre, so the yarn is even softer and more luxurious on the skin.

The fibre's lack of scales and smoothness also gives Alpaca a natural brightness as the smoother surface reflects the light better.

Suri reflects the light like a mirror renowned for its deep lustre and luxuriously smooth feel. Suri Alpaca fibre was reserved for royalty in Incan times, and we think you and your loved ones deserve the same luxurious feel.

Alpaca is known to be extremely warm. Their fibres with a central core, and their cells will form air pockets that assist insulation.

Couple this with its softness, and you have almost the perfect fibre, especially for stylish basics worn and washed often.

It has also been long observed that Alpaca is very water resistant too. In addition, it wicks moisture away from the body in knitted and woven fabric.

The fact that Alpaca has half the moisture retention as wool may be why it is felt to be more comfortable and breathable by its wearers.