Fine Merino Wool is a Natural Choice

Our fine merino knitwear has been developed by recent technology to provide all the qualities of traditional merino wool, including an incredibly lightweight quality. Despite this lightness, our garments are sustainable, durable, warm, and extremely soft. Fine merino clothing brings an unparalleled sense of comfort and well-being that many find better to wear than traditionally knitted garments.

Discover our range of fine merino wool clothes.

Thanks to innovations in the garment industry, Fine Merino has developed into a material with all the unique characteristics of traditional Merino wool, but elevated. The top designers in the world now use this incredible fibre for their knitwear.

Discover our range of fine merino garments, including colourful cardigans, fine knitted sweaters and jumpers, or versatile ponchos and wraps. Each garment is made in New Zealand, imbuing it with our care and respect for the land. Get yours today.