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Fibre Care of Merino Clothing

How to correctly wash your Merino clothe?

Please follow the instructions on the knitwear label when available.


Your garment is better machine washed in the machine on wool or gentle/delicate cycle with specialised wool detergent.

Avoid hand washing as it stretches and misshapes the piece of knitwear when it is agitated by hand.

Fine Merino would prefer cold water.

With Possum Merino garments:

Wash Cool

    • Wash with like colours together (separate lights and darks)
    • Use regular wool detergent
    • Do not use hot water - cool water is recommended

Cold rinse well. Do not wring or squeeze it. In this regard, machine washing on a wool or delicate cycle over hand washing.


To dry your knitwear, lay it flat (not hanging) to help it retain its shape. Avoid direct light in the shade to keep the authentic colour and safeguard against uneven fading.

    Do not tumble dry.


   Iron on "Wool" setting (or max 150° C)

    • Iron on "Wool" setting (or max 150° C)
    • Warm iron with a damp cloth.
   Do not use bleach  
    • Never!  Do not use Bleach.
    • Do not use Fabric Softener.

   Professional Dry Cleaning

    • Professional Dry Cleaning is totally fine if that's the way you roll. 
    • Cashmere garments are to be clean this way only.

Do not hesitate to contact us should you have further queries.