Great Kiwi Yarns

About Us

Our shops, located in Queen Street, Auckland, showcase the finest wool clothing in New Zealand created by the most talented Kiwi designers and brands. Find more about our story.

Our men or women customers traditionally look for great style, premium quality and lasting knitwear with little attraction to clothing produced rapidly by mass-market retailers in response to the latest trends or fast fashion.

Since our opening in 1994, we have always been passionate about bringing the best of New Zealand and its values, such as sustainability, heritage, authenticity and durability.

Our unique and beautiful clothes are crafted with the finest natural wool, possum merino, fine merino, and alpaca.

Shop our exclusive luxury winter and summer collections, ethically made, locally sourced luxury knitwear inspired by the genuine and natural beauty of New Zealand.

Visit our iconic boutique shops in Auckland.
Great Kiwi Yarns merino shop Auckland.