A man and a woman sitting on an old-fashioned couch, looking off into the distance while wearing cashmere designer knitwear from Great Kiwi yarns

Our shops on Auckland’s Queen Street are some of New Zealand’s best premier knitwear retailers, displaying the finest knitwear collections from Kiwi designers all around the country.

Our Founder, Trish Gregory

Our beginning lies in the early nineties when our original shops were founded by Trish Gregory, an acclaimed New Zealand fashion designer, to showcase her newest fashion collections. During this period, the first natural yarn created in one hundred years was being tested and developed in New Zealand. This exciting new yarn was made of possum fur blended with Merino wool, a brand-new medium that needed a fresh, refined designer to test its full capabilities.

Enter Trish Gregory. She was contracted to design and develop possum/merino knitwear collections for one of the first manufacturers using this yarn. The results were sold in Gregory’s newly founded stores.

The success of the stores was immediate, and they soon developed an enviable reputation for sourcing gorgeous collections of knitwear from throughout New Zealand. The traditional values that have made this little country great – integrity, determination, and courtesy – have been at the heart of this business since it was established thirty years ago.

The Modern Great Kiwi Yarns

Two women standing in nature while wearing Great Kiwi Yarns clothing

Lately, Trish has beenfocused on weaving beautiful garments, creation collections of cashmere cardiganssweaters, scarves, and cashmere jumpers in NZ.

The shops - called Great Kiwi Yarns and The Country Collection - are now owned by Anne Mazer, who brings her touch of French classic sophistication, elegance, and authenticity to the business. She has a strong desire to promote New Zealand knitwear designers to the local community as well as the international scene, all without compromising the uniqueness of the stores and their exclusive collections.

Our Cashmere knitwear is not manufactured in New Zealand. The best manufacturers of Cashmere NZ products today are based in China, where eighty percent of the world’s cashmere collections are now made. With their state-of-the-art machinery and unsurpassed technology, they now provide the highest quality knitwear for the world’s top brands (including Great Kiwi Yarns).

Who We Are

Designer Trish Gregory standing at a table with two other women, measuring a garment

Trish Gregory

Trish Gregory is the founder of Great Kiwi Yarns and The Country Collection, two keystone shops on Queen Street. Her extensive experience in the design and retail industries, along with her dedication to authenticity and local design, formed the foundation of our company.

She held a contract with a European manufacturer for five years, designing their seasonal collections to be shown at the Pret-a-Porter in Paris, as well as fashion fairs in Munich, Frankfurt, and New York.

Some of Trish’s many accomplishments include:

  • Winner of four New Zealand Benson & Hedges Fashion Design Awards
  • Queen Elizabeth II Arts Council Award to study in Europe
  • New Zealand Industrial Design Council Designmark Award
  • Studied at the Royal College of Art, School of Fashion Design in London
  • Founder of Trish Gregory Designer Fashions NZ Ltd, (1978) and Trish Gregory Fashions Pty Ltd., Australia (1986)
  • Innovator of the Designer Fashion Kits produced and sold in New Zealand and Australia between 1977 and 1989
  • Judge at the Benson and Hedges Fashion Design Awards 1992
  • Anne Mazer measuring a garment on a mannequin

    Anne Mazer

    Anne is dedicated to make the world a better place. As a health professional for twenty years, she endeavoured to make a difference in the lives of her patients. She wanted them to have the ethically highest quality care they deserved to enjoy all the wonders of this world.

    Anne fell in love with New Zealand and migrated with her family from France to give her children an unspoiled place to grow up. She was stunned by the authenticity of this country’s people and the depth of their heritage. Particularly, she thought that any person living or visiting New Zealand should know how skilled the hard-working farmers, craftsmen, and designers are. Those that produce unique quality knitwear made of the world’s finest natural fibres should get the recognition they deserve.

    To achieve her dream, she met Trish Gregory who taught her for a full year. From Trish, she learned all the secrets of this industry, met incredible people in the two islands, and delved deep into the roots of this country. Her passion for sustainability and ethics has since been a constant motivation for the development of the shops located in one of the oldest heritage buildings in Auckland. She also brings her French touch in the design of new clothing collections, designed, and entirely made in NZ.


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