A man and a woman sitting on an old-fashioned couch, looking off into the distance while wearing cashmere designer knitwear from Great Kiwi yarns

Our shops on Auckland’s Queen Street are some of New Zealand’s best premier knitwear retailers, displaying the finest knitwear collections from Kiwi designers all around the country.

Two Generations, One Passion

Designer Trish Gregory standing at a table with two other women, measuring a garment

Trish Gregory

Our beginning lies in the early nineties when our original shops were founded by Trish Gregory, an acclaimed and multi-award winning designer, to showcase her newest fashion collections. During this period, the first natural yarn created in one hundred years was being tested and developed in New Zealand. This exciting new yarn was made of possum fur blended with Merino wool, a brand-new medium that needed a fresh, refined designer to test its full capabilities.

Enter Trish Gregory. She was contracted to design and develop possum merino knitwear collections for one of the first manufacturers using this yarn. The results were sold in Gregory’s newly founded stores.

The success of the stores was immediate, and they soon developed an enviable reputation for sourcing gorgeous collections of knitwear from throughout New Zealand. They are still located in one of the oldest heritage buildings in Auckland at the same place maintaining an eternal loyalty from their customers.

Anne Mazer measuring a garment on a mannequin

Anne Mazer

Anne is dedicated to make the world a better place. As a health professional for twenty years, she endeavoured to make a difference in the lives of her patients. She was committed to provide them with the ethically highest quality care they deserved.

Anne fell in love with New Zealand and then migrated with her family from France to give her children an unspoiled place to grow up. She was stunned by the authenticity of this country’s people and the depth of their genuine heritage. Particularly, she thought that any person living or visiting New Zealand should acknowledge how skilled the hard-working farmers, craftsmen and designers are. Those that produce unique quality knitwear made of the world’s finest natural fibres should get the recognition they deserve.

Guided by Trish for a full year, Anne learned all the secrets of this industry, met incredible talented and sincere people in the two islands, and delved deep into the roots of this country. Her passion for sustainability and ethical values has since been a constant motivation for the development of the shops. She has also brought her French touch in the design of new clothing collections, designed, and entirely made in NZ.




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