Why buying a possum merino garment?

The possum merino is a miracle natural fibre. It keeps warm, is luxurious lightweight and easy to carry. It is only made in New Zealand by manufacturers who adhere to New Zealand Code of Quality Awareness. The perfect souvenir of the country.

What is possum fur?

The possum fibre is warmer than any wool. There is a hollow inside the fibre which creates insulation and lightness. Furthermore, it resists to pilling and last years and years. The collect is ethically strong and sustainable as it comes from renewable sources.

What is the difference between the merino wool and other wool?

The merino fibre and stronger than traditional wool fibres. It is also smoother and doesn’t itch, owning an incredible luxurious softness and resistance.

Why the New Zealand merino wool?

The merino sheep in New Zealand have the ideal conditions to thrive like nowhere in the world. They enjoy unlimited and untouched fields and consume natural rich and organic grass and plants.

What are Auckland’s best places to shop?

Great Kiwi Yarns and the Country Collection, are a top place to shop on the iconic Queen Street, Auckland Central.

Our long-established stores stand in the Heritage building named the Guardian and store the most beautiful knitwear created and made in New Zealand by local designers They aren’t tourist-tacky but authentic with experienced and helpful staff.

What is the best souvenir from New Zealand?

NZ knitwear is arguably the most iconic memory you can bring back home. Our timeless style products made from the most fibres are all sustainable environmentally and last years. They are light and easy to carry providing a luxurious softness and warmth.